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Preserve Your Healthy Glow

Smooth, radiant skin is outward sign of inner health and youth. However, sun exposure, diet, hormones and smoking can add years to your actual age. The outer layers of the skin are the most vulnerable to environmental factors and reflect structural and volume changes in the deeper layers. Most commonly, the texture of the skin

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Pull Up Against Gravity

Our face is compiled of many fats pads under our skin, when these diminish we tend to look more tired and worn out. Volume lost in specific areas on our face is one aspect that contributes to facial ageing. By simply filling the fat pads of the mid face with dermal fillers, we can bring

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Want To Achieve A Face Lift Without Surgery?

As we age, our facial structure changes and fat becomes thinner and bones density lost, which results in sagging of the face, drooping skin and a “tired” expression. A doctor from Brazil developed “The 8 Point Lift”, which is an advanced treatment that plumps volume to the face for a revitalising and rejuvenating results. This

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Deep Smile Lines

Nasolabial folds are the lines from the corner of the nose to the corner of the mouth. There are three ways of managing nasolabial folds, however there vary in price and recovery. Of the most invasive treatment is surgical correction; it is not surprising that this is the most long-lasting and effective treatment of all.

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What Is Your Face Telling Others About You?

Even though phone calls, emails, SMS and online chat are such important parts of the way we transmit ideas and information in today’s world, the most important conversations and decisions are usually saved for face-to-face meetings. One major reason for this is because facial expressions and movements are still so integral to human communication. So

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How Bad Is It To Sleep In Your Makeup?

Journalist Anna Pursglove of MailOnline.com took up the challenge to not wash off her makeup for 30 days. By the third day of the experiment, her skin felt dry and taut and tiny white cysts had started to form around her eyelashes. In a week, her skin had become flaky and lumpy, and her friends

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What Does The Colour Under Your Eyes Mean?

Dark circles are a common beauty problem, but not all under-eye circles are created equal. The color of your dark circles can help you decide what kind of treatment is most effective for your condition. Purple Under-Eye Circles  - Most commonly caused by pigmentation or a family trait, these kinds of dark circles are most

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