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Many people are unhappy with the shape of their body especially in regards to fat deposits and cellulite. Diet and exercise can often only do so much. Liposuction can often be a solution for fat deposits but it doesn’t have much of an effect on cellulite Cellulite is an inflammation of the adipose connective tissue which effects more than 95% of the woman. It is characterized by an abnormal fat accumulation in the subcutaneous tissues and found its superficial summit on the bottom, thighs, knee area, armpit, arms and it is what is responsible for the so called “orange peel” disease. Very often cellulite is strictly connected to being overweight, but it also true that you can find cellulite on very thin people. At Jeune we have introduce two methods of fat and cellulite reduction and body sculpting Each is proven in its own right but we also feel they work amazingly together. Cryolipolosis or fat freezing for stubborn areas of fat and ultrasound fat reduction for superficial fat

Reform Fat Cavitation (ultrasound fat reduction)

REFORM Cavitation technology is an absolutely novelty in the medical and Aesthetic field. This system has already been clinically proven as an extremely effective technology in the reduction of cellulite and fat store pathologies; results can be visible after a single treatment and further treatments deliver additional reductions in circumference. It can be easily compared to the liposuction treatment. Cavitation is a phenomenon which consists of vapour zones formation (bubbles) within the interstitial areas of the body. These are caused by the ultrasound waves Such bubbles implode provoking shock waves selectively damaging the membranes of the fat cells (adipocytes). This procedure allows the fat cells to be expelled through the body’s lymph nodes disposing it naturally. Reform is a treatment breakthrough that guarantees maximum efficiency and security in terms of treatment of a variety of imperfections.
  • Reduction of cellulite
  • Reduction of fat store
  • Body contouring
  • Orange peel effect
  • Improve drainage of retention Fluids
2 types of cavitation:
  • ENDO CAVITATION: it operates only with cavitation waves at 20 KHZ. It works deeper inside and it is equipped with a larger transducer . This frequency is used mainly in present of thick adipose tissue. (overweight people)
  • CAVITATION: operates with cavitation waves at 40 KHZ and offers lymphatic draining massage too. Being the cavitation waves higher than in Endo Cavitation procedure, it is used to mainly treat superficial areas; the transducer is smaller and it is commonly used for less severity grade of fat and cellulite diseases.
The required treatment time varies from 30 up to 50 minutes and it is divided in step of 20-30 minutes of cavitation (fat dissolving) and 10-20 minutes for vacuum massage (lymphatic drainage), which also improves local blood and lymph circulation and increases the penetration of skin tone enhancing products. Ultrasound fat reduction is best for superficial fat reduction and works best if combined with the body sculpting bike, body wraps and lymphatic drainage massage When purchasing a course of treatments you can come and use the vibro gym free three times per week Come in for a consultation so we can design a package for you

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