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Skin Treatments

Rosacea effects 5 percent of Caucasians over 35 and Is not curable. The good new is it is controllable. Using a combination of IPL, skincare and reducing triggers we can easily control this condition.
Acne not only effects teenagers but also many people throughout their whole life. While we can’t prevent it, with good skincare, medi facials and lasers we can control it and ensure minimal scarring. At times we work in combination for a Dr to use medications depending upon the severity of the condition.
Pigment is usually caused by either hormones, sun or inflammation. Each type needs to be treated differently. We have both lasers ipl and specialised skincare for this task.
Wrinkles are caused by either repetitive movement or a loss of volume and elasticity in the skin. Using a combination of skincare, dermal therapies, antiwrinkle injections and dermal fillers we can soften almost any wrinkle.
Some people naturally have sensitive skin, some it is caused by environment, food, medicines or not the correct skincare. Many people feel they cannot use active skincare with sensitive skin but this is a myth. Good skincare can actually help restore the skin’s barrier function and calm down the sensitivity.
There are many factors that contribute to skin appearing saggy. The skin can have less collagen and elastin in it, due to aging and sun damage. Loss of fat under the skin and reabsorption of bone can also contribute. We often use the analogy the table gets smaller, but the tablecloth gets bigger. To treat this effectively we look at all the areas using dermal filler to increase volume, dermal therapies to stimulate collagen and Radiofrequency to help shrink the collagen fibres.
At Jeune we have many treatments available to treat scars. Each scar is treated as an individual and may need a combination of treatments. WE can drastically improve the appearance of a scar but cannot completely remove.
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