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Treating Acne

Acne can be both distressing and embarrassing. It can hit us at any time in our life and can cause lifelong scarring. It is important acne is controlled before it reaches the stage of causing scaring is not an easy condition to treat. Acne scarring is one of the most challenging things to treat so we need to ensure we try and treat the acne before it scars.

There are many treatments for acne and often it needs a three layer approach to control and treat acne in the long term. WE need the army the navy and the air force

How do we Treat Acne at Jeune Ascot Vale

At Jeune we have many skincare regimes and active treatments that can help control your acne. Sometimes if the acne is severe these treatments may need to be combined with antibiotics and hormonal treatments to permanently control acne.

You can also see if you have food triggers. Wheat, sugar and alcohol are all known to fuel inflammation so avoiding these may help. Some people find particular foods may increase their acne so keeping a food diary can be helpful . It is important to keep skin clean but washing too often can dry skin out which can make it produce even more oil


Microdermabrasion And Peels – These go deeper than you would with skincare, keeping the skin free from congestion.

LED Therapy – Blue light LED therapy can kill bacteria and reduce inflammation to aid in healing.


Skincare is important. Ensuring the skin is kept exfoliated is important. Lactic and salicylic acid help control the sebum production as well as making the skin acidic. Bacteria do not like to grow in an acidic environment. Vitamin C can aid in reducing inflammation and healing. Specialised antibacterial products can assist in treating bacteria already present in the skin

We recommend the skincare below, combined with 4 weekly microdermabrasion and peel treatments and weekly LED


Affordable introductory kit for teenage, to young adult acne sufferers. This kit contains the key products to address areas of concern, however other products may be added to tailor to your specific needs. The key products include:

Step 1 – Teen Cleanser which contains AHA & BHA exfoliating and antibacterial properties but will not strip or dry skin.
Step 2 – Teen Toner also contains AHA & BHA properties designed to effectively cut through oil and grime even further.
Step 3 – Teen Facial Lotion provides moisture and hydration while addressing problem-skin concerns, and controlling oil and bacteria production.
Step 4 – Teen Stop Spot is the ideal to quickly and effectively target spots as they appear as individual break outs.


With acne breakouts and clogged pores we recommend;

Aspect Purastat cleanser – also restores and protects your skin whilst exfoliating.
Define  – contains AHA exfoliating serum with added benefits of Vitamin A
Problem skin serum – antibacterial Amazonian herbs with anti – inflammatory action.
Vitamin C serum – to aid healing and treat red/brown scarring
Vitamin B 17 – designed to supercharge your regime and give you the B glow
Sheer hydration  – protection and great hydration without clogging pores

For a mature skin the vitamin A, Lactic acid and Vit c in these products will also give antiaging benefits. If you already have scarring skin needling and fractioned laser can improve this dramatically


Sometimes no matter what we do to help heal the acne on the surface new ones continue to erupt.

Using hormonal treatments in girls (usually the contraceptive pill), antibiotics and low levels of roaccutane the cause of the breakouts can be treated. This usually only had to be done for a short time then the acne can be managed with the other treatments

If you already have acne scarring this can be treated with fractionated laser or skin needling as well as dermal filler – see section scar treatments

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