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Well, when you said you want to be inked forever, maybe forever meant only until now! I’ve seen people get tired of the tattoos they wanted ever so badly. Do you regret getting inked permanently? Well, at Jeune Ascot Vale, there is nothing bothering that remains permanent. We provide technologically advanced state of art laser treatment for your tattoo removal melbourne without harming your skin any further. Well, atleast we’d make sure that you do not regret the treatment for tattoo removal.

It is a quick aesthetic procedure which is performed frequently by our Experts. We use advanced Palomar Q-YAG 5 laser that helps remove tattoos of all shapes and colours without any side effects.

The revolutionary Palomar Q-YAG 5 laser is a Q Switched Nd-YAG laser that is designed specifically to remove your tattoos. It can remove multiple colours simultaneously due to its dual wavelengths and there is a flat beam profile that distributes energy effectively with three varying spot sizes for precision. The highly focused beam of laser light emitted passes harmlessly through your epidermis and is primarily absorbed by the tattoo ink. This absorption is converted into heat and the sudden surge in temperature breaks the ink into minute fragments which are then carried away into your lymphatic system. You do not have to be worried or scarring or skin damage as the light is targeted only on your tattoo ink.

What Kind of Tattoo Can Be Removed

The chemical composition, depth and colour of your tattoo play a major role in its response to the laser light. While most tattoos can be removed, the Q-YAG works better with darker shades of black, red, orange and blue. Light colours however required more treatments to be removed effectively.

Does Laser Tattoo Removal Hurt?

While some discomfort and slight tingling is common during the procedure, the sensation is mostly comparable to a quick snap of a rubber band. Patients with very sensitive skin however may use a topical anaesthetic to avoid the discomfort.

What happens after the laser tattoo removal?

The after effects of the procedure depend largely on the size and location of your tattoo. While the removal procedure takes around 10 minutes to half an hour in most sessions, you may want to space your sessions atleast 6 to 8 weeks apart to allow your body to eliminate completely the ink fragments from your system.

Are there any side effects with the tattoo removal?

While serious side effects are unheard of after the completion of laser tattoo removal procedure, the patient may however face certain rare conditions. Certain side effects that are more commonly seen are increased sensitivity and hyper pigmentation. Some rare incidents also report slight infection or pinpoint bleeding which are both mild and do not spread beyond the treated area. These side effects too are easily curable and are not much a matter of concern. The shade or colour of your skin does not affect your sensitivity to the Q switch laser and almost all types of skin can be treated with the Q Switch laser.

What are alternative treatments to Q YAG laser removal procedure?

Certain other methods of tattoo removal besides the laser removal include salabrasion, chemical peels or extreme treatments like surgical excision. All these treatments, however do not produce results as effective as the laser treatment. Also, it is only in the laser treatment that the treated area is not subject to permanent or temporary scarring.

Getting inked no more means getting marked till forever. Remove the tattoo with no scars or bruises.

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