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Saggy Skin Treatment

How We Get Rid of Saggy Skin

Saggy skin one of the most common reasons people come to see us at Jeune
 They notice their skin is not as firm as it used to be and they may be starting to see the first signs of jowls
 The appearance of the skin sagging is caused by many factors and not just the skin getting looser.
Firstly as we age we start to lose bone and  our skull starts to wear away. This is most obviously seen in the eyesocket where it starts off as a small hole and ends up as quite a large one when we are elderly. 
Secondly when we  are  younger the fat pads on our face are plump and juicy,  as we age they start to flatten and this shows as a lack of volume.
The third thing that happens is the skin loses collagen which shows as the skin thinning,  and elastin which makes the skin less stretchy and also you loses hyaluronic acid which gives it its plumpness
A good analogy of these three things is  “the table is shrinking but the tablecloth is getting larger”  so the skin gives the impression it is draping over the face or sagging
To address this problem it’s important that we look at all three layers. We start with the foundations building up the areas we may have lost bone. We then refill the fat pads that have flattened then finally we try and restore the collagen and elastin‘s and hyaluronic acid in the skin itself.
By treating all three areas we can definitely make the skin look less saggy. To do this we use a combination of dermal filler‘s collagen stimulator‘s and dermal therapies. It is often when people dont treat al;l three areas that they end up disappointed in their results 
To prevent further loss of the skins elasticity staying out of the sun, using sunscreen and active skin care can assist as well as continuing dermal therapies 

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