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At Jeune, we believe in a holistic approach to treating your face and neck.  It’s not all about treating wrinkles or filling volume, it’s also about having youthful smooth firm skin.  This is where machines such as HIFU come into their own. We can only put so much filler in your cheeks to lift your jowls without you looking like a chipmunk. To effectively treat this area we need to tighten the tissue underneath the skin to help firm this area. Fillers and botox don’t work well in necks so again HIFU is great to use in this area

What is HIFU?

HIFU stands for high intensity focused ultrasound. Many of you who have had babies or other medical conditions may have had an ultrasound to look within to see what’s going on inside the body. The ultrasound we use in HIFU is very similar, it’s just more focused so it only goes to a certain depth and helps tighten the tissue below. It is extremely safe.

Does HIFU hurt?

The old types of machines that were on the market were quite painful but like everything the technology has improved and they have managed to make the treatments now quite comfortable. Our HIFU machine uses small dots to treat the skin with amazing cooling that makes it a comfortable treatment. Having had it myself I can say the only area that was slightly uncomfortable was along my jaw and around the fillings in my teeth but we were able to put some wet gauze in my mouth and the feeling went away. After treatment, the area can feel slightly bruised  and warm but again that feeling goes away very quickly

How many sessions do you need?

With our HIFU machine, you need two sessions six weeks apart. The results will then take between three and six months to fully come out but each day you will notice some improvement. We  advise then having a maintenance treatment every 6 to 12 months to maintain an increase in the results

Does HiFU have side effects?

Every treatment can have side effects but HIFU is very low risk,  it is however important that the practitioner has a good understanding of how the treatment works and the settings required in different areas of the face and neck. One of the main complaints with HIFU is people losing fat on their faces and that’s the last thing we watch when we’re trying to lift a face. HIFU is designed at certain settings to remove fat such as a double chin or very heavy jowls but it is important that these settings are not used on someone with a little fat on the face or in areas that have little fat coverage. You can expect some redness straight after treatment and the feeling of being a bit bruised for a few days afterwards.  If the practitioner doesn’t use enough gel or does not use the gel at all the potential for burning the skin he’s always there.  At Jeune, you can be  assured that our staff are well trained and we never attempt treatment on anyone until we have all done it on each other

What does HIFU work on?

With HIFU we work on the different layers of the skin and what’s called the SMAS layer which sits under the skin. We pass through the skin at different depths addressing each level from 1 mm down to stimulate collagen down to 6 mm to be able to remove deep fat that can cause issues like a double chin. We have other settings that are in between and are able to help tighten the deep collagen fibres and the SMAS layer which consists of ligaments muscle and fascia. This is what sets HIFU apart the potential to treat at all these depths 

HIFU for the full face?

With HIFU we can target your whole face and neck or simply concentrate on particular areas. The example below is one of a full face and neck three months after treatment. You can see the difference in the texture of the skin reduction in the fine lines and wrinkles can also see the lifting and tightening effect that it’s happened as well  

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    A good example of using HIFU in a single area on the face is removing and tightening a double chin using deep settings but able to destroy the fat cells and then going over with slightly less deep settings we are able to tighten the skin over the top you can see below what great results you can achieve



    Another example of using HIFU For a spot treatment is doing it for a brow lift. In this situation, we use a very different setting than what we would to treat a double chin. The forehead has very little fat so the last thing we want to do is reduce it. What we want to do is tighten up the tissue in the area and just lift the brow 



    HIFU doesn’t just have to be used on the face can also be used on the body to reduce fat and tighten skin the most common areas this is used are the stomach, love handles, inner thighs and tuckshop lady arms. It’s the same process as on the face and it’s no more or less painful and has the same side effects as on the face. Below is a great example of a love handle treatment




    Whether it’s on the face or body it takes a full six months to see the full results but you will notice improvements day by day. We assess the results of the treatment six months after the second treatment. Everybody reacts differently and we get varying results person to person but everybody does get some result


    After you’re HIFU we recommend you don’t do strenuous exercise for 24 hours. If the next day the skin looks back to normal and it’s no swelling it is fine to start exercising. We recommend no active product on the skin for 48 hours but you can wash your face with a gentle cleanser and moisturise. We don’t recommend doing HIFU for at least four weeks after filler in your face, two weeks after having a Botox/Dysport injection and 12 weeks from having PDO threads. You can however have all these things done 48 hours after your HIFU


    For a full face and neck, the cost for the 3 levels is $900 per treatment and it takes approximately 1.5 hrs 

    Excited about having tighter smoother skin If you would like to find out more and then book a consultation on the or simply book straight in for your HIFU treatment.

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