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Teeth Whitening

Yellow stained teeth can greatly diminish your appearance. A quick 60 minute treatment can remove stains form the teeth and give you back your winning smile
We recommend the hour treatment for your first visit then a 20 min session every 6 months to maintain results

How is it done?

A mouthpiece is inserted in to the mouth to hold the lips back and ha bleaching gel applied to each individual tooth. The gel we us is stronger than that used in moulds you would use at home. We apply a protective coating to the gums. Once the gel is applied we place the mouth under a uv light which activates the gel and makes it work faster. After 20 minutes the gel has lost 90% of its efficacy so we remove it and place on fresh gel. This is repeated 3 times for your hour treatment.

Post treatment

After treatment it is important to not eat or drink anything coloured for 24 to 48 hours. Stick to white foods and clear liquids. It is also important not to wear deeply coloured lipsticks or use toothpaste with coloured gel in it. The teeth may be sensitive for 24 to 48 hours after treatment.

What won’t the procedure lighten?

The teeth whitening system we use won’t whiten anything plastic. Caps crowns or coatings on the teeth will not lighten. The system will also not lighten tarter. So if you haven’t had a scale and clean within the 12months prior we advise you do this first. The system we use will only bleach stains on the teeth, therefore it will only whiten teeth to their natural colour. We cannot whiten teeth that cam e through the gum discoloured due to antibiotic use etc.

  • Cost 20 minute session $79
  • Cost 1 hr session $199
  • If you have had you 1hr session with us and come evry 6 months for a touch up the price for the 20min session reduces to $59

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