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What are these body shaping bikes?

Our body shaping bikes give you a low-impact exercise method that is up to 3x more effective at burning stubborn fat than traditional exercise and it significantly reduces cellulite. You are sealed into the bike and while you are peddling the bike uses advanced compression and vacuum technology to trigger fat burning in the areas in the bike. Combined with a strict eating program 2 hours prior and two hours post treatment you are guaranteed inch loss and cellulite reduction. It makes your body work smarter not harder

Best candidates for body shaping bikes

Men and women who are mostly healthy but looking for a tune up through targeted weight loss, fast.

Men and women wanting to reclaim their shape after significant life changes. It’s excellent for new Mum’s wanting to get back into shape after children.

People who have reached a weight loss plateau and cant budge the stubborn fat stores around the stomach, hips, bottom and thighs that traditional exercise just won’t move easily.

By combining healthy nutrition and an active lifestyle HYPOXI will supercharge your workout to achieve targeted fat burning.

• See results after 2-4 weeks
• Target your problem areas
• 30 min sessions
• Low impact exercise
• Scientifically proven results
• Targeting fat loss
• Cellulite reduction
• Aids muscle recovery

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