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Scars come in many different forms and can be on any part of the face or body. From indented acne scars to raised keloid scars there are treatments available to soften and reduce, although we can never remove them completely.

The aim of most scar treatments is to selectively damage the scar tissue with what is called a controlled would. We then rely on the the body replacing the damaged tissue with healthy tissue. A good example of this is skin needling. Small needles are inserted into the skin on a roller or via a needling device similar to a tattoo gun. These small pin prick holes in the scar tissue don’t worry the body too much as they are not life-threatening and the body tends to heal them slowly. When healing slowly the body is much more likely to lay down healthy tissue rather than scar tissue. When the body is worried about infection or blood loss it lies down tissue very quickly in an unorganized matter which becomes scar tissue

There are many ways we can cause these microwounds

  • Medium or deep thickness peels
  • Fractionated laser therapy
  • Skin needling,
    Plasma therapy

Just to name a few

If the scar is indented and sitting below the level of the skin we can use dermal filler‘s to raise them up. If the skin has lost all pigment and is white in color cosmetic tattooing can be used to bring color back and blend in. If the scar is red and has broken capillaries within it we can use vascular lasers and Ipl to help reduce the redness. If it is raised and ropey injecting cortisone in it can assist in flattening it

Often with scars it’s a multi layer approach we may use one treatment modality to treat part of the scar and another treatment modality for the other. a good example of this is acne scarring where each scar on the face is treated as an individual and treated as such

If you would like to see how we can treat your scars come in for a consultation so we can assess your scar and devise a treatment plan for you that would be best suited

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