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Have you had filler done and you don’t like how it looks? Do you have old filler in your face that has worn out unevenly? Has the area under your eyes you had filled started to look puffy? If you answered yes to any of these we have some great news for you. We can dissolve the filler and have you looking great again. Filler dissolving is something we offer at Jeune. WE have many years of experience in filler dissolving so you are in safe and capable hands.

How Do Lip Fillers Dissolve?

To dissolve any filler including lip filler we use an enzyme called hylase. Hylase is found naturally in our bodies which is why we gradually break down filler naturally and it doesn’t last forever. By injecting this enzyme into the area such as the lip you want the filler to dissolve from, it will dissolve the injected filler. Although we cannot be exactly precise we can use different amounts and dilutions to only dissolve part or all of the filler.

Do Lip Fillers Ever Fully Dissolve?

To dissolve filler completely is unknown. To know for sure we would have to do an ultrasound to ensure complete dissolving. WE do know it will dissolve the majority of the filler if this is our goal. Most of the effect is in the first five minutes but as the area often swells due to the reaction of the dissolver we say the result is visible completely in a week

How Do Under Eye Fillers Dissolve?

Under-eye fillers dissolve exactly the same way as all other areas, they can however bruise and swell more than other areas. Under-eye fillers can last many years and can look great at the start but over time, the product can become more superficial and appear a purplish colour and make the under eyes look puffy. This can sometimes be due to the wrong product choice initially and also the movement of the muscle around the eye 

Do Under Eye Fillers Dissolve on Their Own?

Over time the body will dissolve your under-eye fillers but this can take many years. The under-eye area has the least amount of natural hylase (the enzyme that breaks down filler) which is why it lasts such a long time. On ultrasound, they have found residual under-eye filler in the tissue, twelve years since the initial treatment. This is the eyes looking puffy or you have the purple tinge, your best option is dissolver.

How Much Does Filler Dissolving Cost

We charge $250 per treatment for dissolving filler and that is regardless of the area we are dissolving. We try to balance dissolving enough that the area looks great again without dissolving the whole amount and having to start again. If you want the area refilled we usually like to dissolve the whole amount and start again as it is difficult to do corrections when there is an old product present, especially if we haven’t done the original treatment.

Does Lip Filler Dissolving Hurt?

The product we use called hylase will sting when injected. To counter this we mix the product with some local anaesthetic and use ice and numbing cream. The procedure should not be painful afterwards, just the initial sting. The area however can swell and bruise and this is particularly prevalent in lips. 

How Soon After Getting Fillers Can You Dissolve Them?

We recommend waiting two weeks after having fillers to dissolve them for two reasons. The first is, that fillers can look strange whilst swelling is present. Sometimes swelling can be greater on one side of the body to the other and make them look crooked. There can be blood in the tissue making it look lumpy or asymmetrical, so you may be dissolving something that if you wait a week will look fabulous. The second reason is it is best to wait until the tissue is fully repaired to re-inject anything including hylase, and this takes around 2 weeks

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