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Body Treatments

Cryolipolosis or fat freezing is a great way to reduce a collection of fat. It is best suited to people that are happy with their weight but wanting to reduce a stubborn area of fat. You can expect a reduction of approx. 20 percent each treatment and the full result can take up to 3 months.
This treatment is great for large areas of superficial fat and is our go to for cellulite treatment. It caused vibration of the fat cells which causes them to bang together which damages the cell wall and destroys the cell. This is best done in combination with our body shaping bike, body wraps and lymphatic drainage massage.
These treatments are a great way to detox the body. We wrap your body in bandages soaked in a solution which allows the body to detox. You are then placed in a lymphatic drainage suit to aid the process. These are great for quick inches loss or as a course for cellulite. phatic drainage massage.
As cellulite is the most stubborn type of fat, we often need the air force, army and navy to come to our defence. Using a combination of radiofrequency skin tightening to allow better skin texture and ultrasound cavitation to destroy the fat cells. It is then followed by a body wrap and lymphatic drainage suite to decrease fluid retention, and help pump away the toxins.
This is a body suite that you lay and relax in while your body detox’s through the stimulation of your lymph system. Great for a quick detox especially if contained with a body wrap, it also stimulates the immune system that works through the lymphatics. Rest and relax as the suit pumps away retained fluid and toxins.
The latest way to exercise and burn fat. Situated within a compression chamber is an exercise bike. Whilst peddling the compression chamber reduces and increases pressure in cycles so the body goes into fat burning mode. You cycle at a steady rate for 30 mins and the fat comes off. This is best done 3 sessions at 30 minutes a session. It’s the most efficient way wo exercise and get results. You can even watch a show or do work while you cycle.
Why wax when you can laser. At Jeune we have both laser and IPL hair removal available but find the IPL more popular due to speed and comfort. 6 to 8 treatments and you can be hair free rather than waxing for the rest of your life. Hormonal hair can take longer and may need regular touch up but still much less than waxing .
Scars and stretchmarks on the body can reduce confidence. We can reduce stretchmarks and scars anywhere on the body. At Jeune we have different types of equipment to treat scars and stretchmarks depending upon their age and structure so we get the best results. Sometimes it is best to combine technologies. The main technologies we use are skin needling, fraxyl laser and plasma treatments.
we have recently introduced our IV wellness infusions. It is important not only to look good but to feel good. Whether you just need a pick me up, are needing a boost before a sporting event or just can’t shake that cold we have an infusion for you. If you have a specific concern such as inflammation, we can have customized infusions made up for you. Age well from the inside out.

Would you like to remove or reduce the appearance of a tattoo you no longer are in love with. WE use the q switch laser to reduce and remove tattoos . Multiple treatments are required 

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