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Sensitive Skins

Some people are born with sensitive skin others develop it due to environmental factors, hormonal changes, sun damage or because they develop rosacea.

For skins that become angry and inflamed it is important they be careful of which skincare and make up they use. Just because something is “ natural “ or organic it does not mean it is gentle. One of the biggest things skins react to is essential oils.

This does not mean sensitive skins cannot have peels or microdermabrasion. These treatments can often help strengthen the skin. IPL is great for reducing redness and rosacea. Oxygen facials can be both soothing and healing to sensitive skins, LED is also gentle enough for sensitive skins and can often reduce inflammation.

Often sensitives skins have a damaged barrier and using the correct skincare can help repair the damaged barrier

WE recommend the following skincare for our sensitive / rosacea skins

CosMedix Benefit Clean – gentle cleanser that is mild and soothing to the skin.
CosMedix Affirm – supercharged peptide and antioxidant firming serum to help correct and repair aged, impaired skin and/or photo damaged skin.
CosMedix CPR – skin recovery serum to Calm, Protect and Restore.
CosMedix Rescue – anti-bacterial calming balm promotes healing.
Aspect Active B – super charge the skin for the vit B glow
Aspect Redless – for comfort and relief of red, sensitive, dry, stressed out and unhealthy looking skin.
Serum 16 – gentle Vitamin A renewal complex for soothing and brightening, also addresses sensitivity and redness. Help strengthen skin
Post Treatment Balm – additional calming, hydrating balm that further promotes healing.

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