Facial Treatments

At Jeune we have a variety of facial treatments available. All treatments are designed to treat the skin and bring it back to a youthful appearance. Our treatments will make your skin look fresh and glowing

Microdermabrasion a manual exfoliation treatment to polish the skin and unclog the pores great as a prep for a peel or for acne and congested skin

Peels light to medium depth peels to exfoliate the skin and stimulate collagen renewal for plump hydrated glowing skin (see microdermabrasion and peels)

Oxygen facials super hydrating treatments to nourish the skin (see intraceuticals o2 facials)

IPL photo rejuvenation to treat sunspots, capillaries and stimulate collagen (see ipl photo rejuvenation)
Fractionated laser to thicken thinning skin whilst decreasing the appearance of scars and shrinking pores (see fractionated laser)

LED therapy a low level light therapy designed to stimulate collagen, aid in acne treatment and reduce pigmentation (see LED therapy)

Skin needling a different way stimulate collagen and reduce pore size whilst allowing the infusion of vitamins deep into the skin (see skin needling)

Skin tightening Radio frequency skin tightening to shrink collagen fibres and give the face a plump lifted appearance (see skin tightening)

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