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(Video) Vampire facial, the healing properties of plasma

vampire facial using PRP platelet rich plasma to heal the skin after microneedling. For skin rejuvenation, fine lines and wrinkes, acne scarring, younger looking skin

Yes, the ‘vampire’ facial does involve some blood. That’s because your blood contains some amazing platelet-rich plasma (PRP). Great things start to happen when we combine this concentrate with a microneedle procedure. As a result, your skin becomes tighter, smoother and noticeably improved. 

Melissa discusses exactly how the vampire facial works for your skin.

Injecting platelet-rich plasma during your vampire facial stimulates a healing response in your skin

What is platelet-rich plasma, PRP?

Everyone has platelets in their blood. They are the cells that promote the clotting and healing process in our body. Have you ever noticed the oozy yellow-coloured fluid appearing after you cut yourself? This is plasma, a concentrate of your own blood. Your plasma contains high numbers of healing platelets, approximately 94%. 

It’s no wonder then that PRP is commonly used in medicine, by athletes in particular. They simply want to get back on the field quicker. Imagine what happens when you inject PRP into your skin?

PRP + microneedling = a powerhouse treatment for your skin

PRP are responsible for repairing damage to any injury on your skin. And using PRP in a vampire facial harnesses the healing properties of this concentrate. It stimulates collagen production, promotes tissue repair and skin rejuvenation. The result? 

Younger looking skin.

What can you expect during a vampire facial? Here’s a step-by-step:

  1. We obtain a small amount of your blood which we then spin in a centrifuge. This will separate the PRP from the rest of your blood.
  2. Local anesthetic is applied. Then the plasma is spread on your face and injected into your skin with microneedling. Little needles produce tiny, superficial injuries in your skin, plasma is activating all its healing properties to heal your tissue. 
  3. By drawing on your body’s own healing response, your tissue will continue to heal slowly with no scarring. Collagen and elastin will be produced, making your skin look brighter and helping with the production of hyaluronic acid. 

As you can see, doing PRP and microneedling together is so effective. Benefits include younger looking skin, minimisation of fine lines and wrinkles, reduction of acne scars and improved skin texture. 

Recover over the weekend

The vampire facial is a great treatment to do on a Friday afternoon. You can be back at work on Monday with no noticeable signs. We recommend a course of three treatments done four weeks apart. This gives you the best results.

Consider a boost. Combining a vampire facial with a skin booster is always a great option. A skin booster is when we apply little droplets of hyaluronic acid underneath your skin to further promote collagen production.  Can you imagine how healthy your skin will look with this amazing combo? 

Therefore consider a vampire facial the next time you’re considering a skin rejuevenation. By using your own PRP and combining it with microneedling, many consider it their go-to treatment. As a result, you should too! Let your body do what it naturally does well and attain healthy skin at the same time. 

At Jeune we offer many services for skin rejuvenation for both face and body.

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