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Things to AVOID with Cosmetic Injectables

There are a few DO’s & DON’TS when preparing for Cosmetic Injectables to ensure the best possible outcome for your treatment. Some supplements can impact on how your body responds to cosmetic injectable treatments, in particular, to bruising and/or bleeding. Ideally we would like you to STOP taking the following about 1 week before your

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Accordion lines – not something to smile about

Yes, there is a name for those cheeky little lines that can persist on your lower cheeks. Accordion lines are the static wrinkles that are present even when you are not smiling. Facial changes occur over time and the ‘not quite charming’ dimples/lines in the lower face are the result of repeated muscle movement that

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Pull Up Against Gravity

Our face is compiled of many fats pads under our skin, when these diminish we tend to look more tired and worn out. Volume lost in specific areas on our face is one aspect that contributes to facial ageing. By simply filling the fat pads of the mid face with dermal fillers, we can bring

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Let’s Discuss Crow’s Feet

Lines and wrinkles say a lot about a person, they can show someone who has struggled, been worried, or stressed. However not all lines are bad, we can also get “happy lines” around the eyes from laughing and smiling so much. Crow’s Feet occur due to different muscles that contract and relax during facial expressions.

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What’s Sweet About Dermal Fillers?

The appearance of your face changes over time; look at a person in their 50s or 60s, comparing a photograph of them in their 20s and the difference is quite noticeable. Wrinkles, skin texture and pigment changes are some of the visible signs of ageing that appear on the skin’s surface. On a deeper level,

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