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Beauty Procedures by the Stars

beauty treatments by star sign

Ever wondered what cosmetic medicine treatment would best suit your star sign? We have consulted the cosmos here at Jeune and have matched the star signs with the treatments to best suit your temperament and make you sparkle.


Practical, reliable, sensible, disciplined, patient – Capricorns are the most grounded sign of the zodiac  and, according to the Jeune team, perfectly suited to a MICRODERMABRASION facial. Nothing too fancy, just a very practical treatment for great results. Being patient, they’ll be only too happy to do the entire course of treatments needed for the most amazing outcome.


Aquarians have many great qualities. They’re humanitarians, inventive and we love their loyalty. But – and there’s no easy way to say this – sometimes they can be thought of as a little bit dull. So, we thought an OXYGEN FACIAL treatment would be perfect. Not only does it compliment the air-sign Aquarians , it’s also one of our best treatments we know to brighten the skin and make it glow. No one will accuse Aquarians of being dull after one of these full-of-life treatments.


Pisceans are dreamers: artistic, romantic, imaginative, flowy…  So, we have chosen INJECTABLE HYDRATION treatments. This involves injecting a very thin, flowy form of hyaluronic acid under the skin to make it look fresh, plump and hydrated. It’s a dream teaming for a water sign, producing the fresh-faced look to suit these great romantics.


Impulsive Aries are one of the most independent signs of the zodiac. They like to make things happen, are courageous and loaded with style. DERMAL FILLERS are an ideal match. For men, a chiselled jaw and chin sculpted using a thick filler to give that masculine, powerful shape. For the women, high stylish cheekbones created the same way to give any runway model a run for her money.


The bull has many great qualities and is known for loyalty, hard work and honesty. But Taurus are also a sensual sign with a pleasure-seeking streak. This can lead to over indulgence in rich foods and fine wine. So, we have chosen CRYOLIOPOYSIS (Fat Freezing) as the sweetest treat for Taureans’, the answer to shedding the extra pounds that come from all that luxurious living.


Some think that being a Gemini means being two-faced, while others say a Gemini can see two sides of every story. Whatever side of the Gemini divide you’re on, you’ll know they have lots of great qualities. Still, they are often gentle contented souls one day and restless the next. Many journalists and writers are Geminis’, so we have chosen hand rejuvenation as their go-to treatment. Even handed, the left and right will be beautifully balanced. Using LASERS and FILLER we can rejuvenate Geminis’ so they can have fresh hands for every new story


The sensitive sign, Cancer is also one of the most careful and conservative signs of the zodiac. Their tough exterior hides the fact they’re marshmallow-soft on the inside. They can be a little pessimistic and think the worst. The Jeune team has chosen ANTI-WRINKLE TREATMENTS for Cancerians. The results will soften their look so that  the outside matches the inside. Botox has  been used for over 40 years and is known to be super safe, so those conservative Cancerians and be confident of a great results.


Look at me! Look at me! Look at me! That pretty much sums up a Leo. They love to be admired, adore bright colours and  are bold and brave, the natural born leader of the pack. For us this was a no brainer. LIP FILLERS and the bigger the better. Let the pouty, perfect lips lead them into the room and make a big statement.


Particular and orderly – that’s Virgos for you. Sticklers for detail, how could a Virgo stand to have their face treated but not their neck and décolletage? So we’ve chosen the collagen stimulating product SCULPTRA that can be used over the three areas. Virgos can expect subtle, even results, thickening and toning the skin over a three-month period. The perfect package for those orderly Virgos.


Peaceful and fair, with a love for calm, balance and order. The perfect treatment for our perfectionist Libran has to be PROFILE BALANCING. Librans can achieve the Golden Ratio with a bit of filler here, a bit of filler there…  rebalancing key facial features and creating a better overall balance and proportion to the face of any orderly-seeking Libran.


The true scorpion: passionate, intelligent, strong willed, possessive, jealous and secretive. We have the perfect treatment for ensuring all that heat doesn’t show – ANTI-WRINKLE INJECTIONS FOR UNDERARM SWEATING. Scorpios’ secretive nature will love this. Firstly, no one will know they’ve had a treatment and secondly, when they’re getting hot under the collar, they’ll appear to hardly raise a sweat!


Sagittarian’s can be great friends, wowing you with their generosity, great sense of humour and high energy. On the flip side, they can be impatient, idealistic and promise more than they can deliver. For Sagittarian’s, a FULL FILLER!


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