(Video) Hydrophilic Hyaluronic Acid - Jeune Ascot Vale

(Video) Hydrophilic Hyaluronic Acid

before and after pictures showing skin is more hydrated after applying hydrophilic hualuronic acid

Hydrophilic hyaluronic acid + skin hydration

Are you moisturising twice a day and still finding your skin doesn’t feel quite as moisturised as you would like? There is so much more to skin hydration than the skin creams you put on. In this video Melissa talks about what keeps your skin hydrated and plump. And it’s all about the hydrophilic hyaluronic acid (HA). HA is a molecule you have in your skin and being hydrophilic means it simply holds water to your skin. It is this molecule that pulls the water to your skin after you drink or apply moisturiser. This makes your skin look plump and hydrated.

When you are young, you have many blobs of hyaluronic acid. As you age your body changes with factors such as loss of estrogen, the onset/throes of menopause, sun damage etc.  All of this tends to destroy some of the hyaluronic acid in our skin. You end up with a lot less in between, making your skin look uneven and not as plump. The light reflecting off your skin when it’s not smooth and even is what makes your skin look dull. And regardless of how much water you drink, you still won’t plump up your skin if you don’t have the hyaluronic acid to hold it there. 

Skin booster treatment

A great treatment to help repair your hydrophilic hyaluronic acid levels is the Skin Booster Treatment. Using very tiny needles, hyaluronic acid is injected underneath the skin, bringing water to the area. Your skin will have more glow, be dewy, fresh and youthful. The only downside to the treatment is that you do look like you have little bumps on your face for about 24 hours. So it is not a treatment you can come in and have during your lunch break and go back to work! But the results do last 6 – 12 months so well worth the 24 hours downtime in our opinion! 

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