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Lip Filler Myths… BUSTED!

When people hear the words "lip injections," they immediately think DUCK LIPS! All it takes is seeing one bad ‘over-the-top’ lip job (OK, a lot of bad ones) on reality TV at the moment, for people to swear off injectables all together. The stigma surrounding cosmetic procedures, even non-invasive ones like temporary injectables and fillers,

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Pull Up Against Gravity

Our face is compiled of many fats pads under our skin, when these diminish we tend to look more tired and worn out. Volume lost in specific areas on our face is one aspect that contributes to facial ageing. By simply filling the fat pads of the mid face with dermal fillers, we can bring

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Lips to Love

Almost every woman can understand the impact your lips make to your overall look, especially when lips stick or lip gloss is applied and the lips are a key focal point when communicating. Full, plump lips are considered luscious, feminine and sexy. The ‘ideal’ lips are fuller, natural-looking and well-defined, with a strong Cupid’s bow.

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