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8 Top Tips for Aging Skin

Jeune’s Top Tips for Aging Skin WE all know drinking water is great, as is eating well, drinking less alcohol and avoiding stress but how can we take that a step further? 1. Sunscreen Sunscreen Sunscreen No matter what your age, sunscreen is important. Some people say I did my damage when I was young,

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Our Top Tips On Treating Acne Scars

How to Treat Acne Scars Acne scars are one of the hardest things to treat effectively. Mostly, we can only improve them, not remove them. Each scar must be treated individually and sometimes a combination of treatments are needed. We’ll discuss some of the most common ways to treat acne scarring. Skin needling Skin needling

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Top 5 Popular Questions about Laser Hair Removal

Will Laser Hair Removal hurt? Laser hair removal can be uncomfortable but shouldn’t be painful. The lasers of today are much more advanced than those of the past and with great cooling systems, your treatment shouldn’t feel any more than a wax. After treatment, your skin may feel a bit warm but you can apply

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Top Skin Rejuvenations Treatments

What is skin rejuvenation? Let’s start first with how the skin ages. When we’re young, our skin is plump, elastic and youthful. What goes wrong? As we age, the ingredients that make our skin youthful begin to deplete, we produce less Collagen for thickness, elastin for stretchiness and hyaluronic acid (the water magnet) for hydration

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Lip Filler Aftercare: Dos and Dont’s

We often get asked lots of Can I’s after lip fillers, here’s a couple of our answers: How can I reduce swelling after lip fillers? Swelling after lip filler treatment is completely normal, and the size of your lips immediately after treatment is not a true reflection of how they will look.  Minor swelling can

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vampire facial using PRP platelet rich plasma to heal the skin after microneedling. For skin rejuvenation, fine lines and wrinkes, acne scarring, younger looking skin

(Video) Vampire facial, the healing properties of plasma

Yes, the ‘vampire’ facial does involve some blood. That’s because your blood contains some amazing platelet-rich plasma (PRP). Great things start to happen when we combine this concentrate with a microneedle procedure. As a result, your skin becomes tighter, smoother and noticeably improved.  Melissa discusses exactly how the vampire facial works for your skin. Injecting

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How to tighten skin and get rid of jowls without surgery using radiofrequency treatment

(Video) How to tighten skin with RF skin tightening

Knowing how to tighten skin can take years off your face. The loss of volume and sagging, caused by collagen loss, is partly what makes our skin look older. Thankfully, drastic measures are no longer required to achieve a more youthful appearance (bye, bye surgery)! Find out how to tighten skin in this video. Here,

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before and after pictures showing skin is more hydrated after applying hydrophilic hualuronic acid

(Video) Hydrophilic Hyaluronic Acid

Hydrophilic hyaluronic acid + skin hydration Are you moisturising twice a day and still finding your skin doesn’t feel quite as moisturised as you would like? There is so much more to skin hydration than the skin creams you put on. In this video Melissa talks about what keeps your skin hydrated and plump. And

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beauty treatments by star sign

Beauty Procedures by the Stars

Ever wondered what cosmetic medicine treatment would best suit your star sign? We have consulted the cosmos here at Jeune and have matched the star signs with the treatments to best suit your temperament and make you sparkle. CAPRICORN – EARTH Practical, reliable, sensible, disciplined, patient – Capricorns are the most grounded sign of the

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botox to treat hyperhidrosis excess sweating

(Video) Hyperhidrosis Treatment

How anti-wrinkle injections can help hyperhidrosis  So we all experience some sweating under our arms and a bit of antiperspirant deodorant may be all that is needed. But some can experience excess sweating also known as hyperhidrosis. You may be quite embarrassed about the condition and not being able to wear light-coloured tops or certain

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lymphatic massage to treat cellulite

(Video) Lymphatic Massage with Doctor Wraps

Lymphatic Massage Achieved with Doctor Wraps Doctor Wraps lymphatic massage drainage system helps you recover from body imperfections you may be concerned about. This body shape bandage therapy is ideal as your anti-cellulite treatment and can also assist you in slimming, toning, drainage and hydration. How? By promoting blood and lymph circulation and metabolism. Lymph

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non surgical treatments to improve jawline and chin for men and women

Non Surgical Chin Augmentation

Non surgical chin and jaw augmentation is an alternative to traditional surgery to achieve the results you want for your chin and/or jawline? It is worth a consideration!  Hoping to restore your lower face with non surgical chin/jaw augmentation for a more youthful look? A gracefully ageing face is a beautiful thing. But there are

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