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Top Skin Rejuvenations Treatments

What is skin rejuvenation?

Let’s start first with how the skin ages. When we’re young, our skin is plump, elastic and youthful. What goes wrong?
As we age, the ingredients that make our skin youthful begin to deplete, we produce less Collagen for thickness, elastin for stretchiness and hyaluronic acid (the water magnet) for hydration and dewiness. This is because our skin cell turnover slows down. When we are 25 our skin cell turnover maybe 28 days, by the time we are 45, it’s 40 days. Skin turnover is when the cells fall off our top layer of skin, then triggering the cells in the deep dermis to multiply. During this multiplication, they produce these ingredients. If this process is slower, we produce less of these ingredients and it shows as aging skin. Additionally, UV rays or sun damage can break down these ingredients. We suddenly have a big drop in the amount of collagen elastin and hyaluronic acid. The skin can become roughened and develop pigment.

The treatments I have listed below are designed to stimulate the natural production of these 3 key ingredients, smooth out the skin so it reflects light more efficiently and reduce pigmentation. Thus giving the skin a rejuvenated look. It’s important that your therapist is experienced and is able to decide on the best treatment for your concerns and lifestyle.


Microdermabrasion is a manual exfoliation treatment to polish the skin and unclog the pores by removing the top layer of the skin. When we remove this top layer, we initiate the growth of the new cells in the dermis, artificially speeding up the skin cell turnover.

Chemical Peels

Chemical Peels, light to medium depth peels work similarly to microdermabrasion but we can tailor the peel to specific skin conditions and can do different depths for greater effect.

IPL Treatment

Laser/IPL facial rejuvenation treatmentsIPL and laser use light and heat to treat skin concerns. The light from the machine needs to be absorbed by what we call a chromophore. In the case of rejuvenation, we are talking about the chromophores melanin (brown) and hemoglobin (red). When the light is absorbed by these chromophores, it turns into heat and the heat destroys the damaged cells causing problems. The skin has a controlled injury that stimulates a healing response. Part of this response is the production of collagen. 

LED Therapy

LED therapy is a low-level light therapy designed to stimulate collagen, aid in acne treatment and reduce pigmentation. It works by emitting energy deep into the skin, stimulating the mitochondria in the cells which are the workhorses and normalize irregularity. It will work on different cells depending on the colour (wavelength of the light). As it “turns on” the cells, it continues to work even when you have left the salon.

Skin Needling

Skin needling is a different way to stimulate collagen and reduce pore size whilst allowing the infusion of vitamins deep into the skin 

Skin Boosters

Skin Boosters – There is a substance in our skin called hyaluronic acid which acts as a magnet to water and keeps our skin looking hydrated, plump and dewy. As we age, this naturally depletes and is aided by sun damage. No matter how much water we drink, if the magnets aren’t there to hold it, the water will wash away. This leads to the skin looking dry and rough. With skin boosters, we can replace this lost hyaluronic acid by injecting it under the skin and revive the skin. It’s like a moisturizer under the skin.


PRP – Platelet-rich plasma is taking your own blood and spinning of the plasma that is filled with healing and rejuvenating properties. For years PRP has been used in the treatment of damaged joints in your body. When the body has an injury, it floods the area with plasma and growth factors which aid in the healing and repair of tissue. It has now been discovered this is great for the skin as well. PRP is amazing when teamed with any type of treatment that causes injury to the skin whether it be laser, needling or even deep chemical peels.


Last but not least is skincare. Good skincare can help maintain the results of the treatments and slow down the aging process. Active skincare serums penetrate down to a cellular level. Your cleanser and moisturiser are great for your skin but it is your serums that are making the most difference.

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