(Video) Lymphatic Massage with Doctor Wraps - Jeune Ascot Vale

(Video) Lymphatic Massage with Doctor Wraps

lymphatic massage to treat cellulite

Lymphatic Massage Achieved with Doctor Wraps

Doctor Wraps lymphatic massage drainage system helps you recover from body imperfections you may be concerned about. This body shape bandage therapy is ideal as your anti-cellulite treatment and can also assist you in slimming, toning, drainage and hydration. How? By promoting blood and lymph circulation and metabolism. Lymph is an important system that carries your waste materials away from your cells, while the blood brings the nutrients to your cells. When your fluid becomes stagnate, your cells become exposed to an increased toxic condition which is simply not ideal. This is when an increased lymphatic drainage treatment with Doctor Wraps can help.

The Treatment

Doctor Wraps is an amazing two-step process with the benefits of lymphatic drainage and massage with slimming, toning as well as hydration. This treatment really is fantastic for stimulating your lymph system. It is a really relaxing procedure to have done and you may even fall asleep! The relaxing treatment helps your abdomen contract, making you breathe deep through your diaphragm. 

Step 1

In the first step, you are wrapped in bandages around your abdomen, legs and hips. The wraps may also be applied to your breast, arms, neck and decollete. Exactly where depends entirely on what you hope to achieve. The wraps contain a slimming solution rich in active ingredients. A wide range of formulas are available to you. Each will treat the different kinds of body imperfections you may have such as cellulite.
it’s fantastic at helping with cellulite, for losing inches, for skin tightening as well for helping the texture and the tightness of the skin. Um, and then we pop you in the pants as well and that forms the lymphatic drainage and everything and infuses, um, the, the solutions that are in the reps into the tissues so that they can work.

Step 2

The second step involves what we like to call the ‘pants’ or the Dr Wraps body cuff. It is fantastic to hop in after any fat reducing treatments or radio frequency skin tightening. It’s also relaxing to have whilst you are having a facial – bliss! Great for people post liposuction or post surgery too, where you may more fluids and your lymph is a bit sluggish. 

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