Want To Achieve A Face Lift Without Surgery? Jeune Facials

Want To Achieve A Face Lift Without Surgery?

face lift without surgery

As we age, our facial structure changes and fat becomes thinner and bones density lost, which results in sagging of the face, drooping skin and a “tired” expression. A doctor from Brazil developed “The 8 Point Lift”, which is an advanced treatment that plumps volume to the face for a revitalising and rejuvenating results. This is done with the use of dermal fillers, without making you look different, instead bringing back the youthful you. It is suitable for individuals in their 30s and 40s who have noticed changes to the volume in their skin. Results achieved are a refreshed and younger YOU, typically lasting for around 18 months.

“Volume is the key to giving a female face youthful curves, and restoring a man’s masculine features.”

The 8 Point Lift is an approach to assess volume loss across the face at 8 distinct areas:

1) Cheek Structure, 2) Cheek Shape, 3) Tear Troughs, 4) Nasolabial Folds, 5) Mouth Frown, 6) Pre-jowl, area, 7) Jawline, and 8) Cheek volume.

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