What Is Your Face Telling Others About You? Jeune Ascot Vale

What Is Your Face Telling Others About You?

Even though phone calls, emails, SMS and online chat are such important parts of the way we transmit ideas and information in today’s world, the most important conversations and decisions are usually saved for face-to-face meetings. One major reason for this is because facial expressions and movements are still so integral to human communication. So much of what we think about others depends on what we see in their faces.

The features on a person’s face can change or determine how they are perceived, and we are all subconsciously affected by these cues. Every time we see a face, we make judgments on that person’s character and personality, and all this happens instantly and automatically in our brains. Even when most of us think a person’s facial feature shouldn’t matter, we rely on them far more than we imagine to decide things such as, trustworthy, how friendly, and how dependable others are. In fact, there is a lot of evidence that people in role of leadership in business, politics, military, and sports are often given those roles based on their facial features.

Your facial features can determine your destiny; based on whether you look approachable, intimidating, trusting, and so on.

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