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The Ultimate Guide to Double Chin Treatment

The Ultimate Guide To Double Chin Treatment:

Today I’d like to talk about treatments for double chins. Double chins can be caused simply by genetics but can also be caused by some medications, some medical conditions or just from being overweight. Luckily, we have many different treatments now that can help improve or even remove that double chin.

Double Chin Treatment, What is it?

  The main treatments for double chins work on reducing the number of fat cells in the area and strengthening the skin to hold the remaining fat in place. This can be done by many different methods as we will discuss below.

Benefits of a Double Chin Treatment?

  The benefits of the double chin treatment is to give a much more sculpted jawline which gives a much more contoured look to the face. Many people dislike the cosmetic look of a double chin even though it is purely cosmetic and has no health implications

Is Double Chin treatment good for your skin?

  One of the treatments we use for double chins is a treatment called hifu which can help remove some of the fat but its main function is to help tighten and strengthen the skin. So, to answer this “yes” some of the treatments used for double chins are good for your skin as well.

How long does double chin treatment last?

  The wonderful thing about double chin treatment is it permanent. Once we remove the excess fat cells they will not return. This does not mean if you put on weight, you will not get a double chin as a fat cells that you have left will swell with excess fat if you are overweight but, if you remain the same weight your double chin will not return.

What is the Cost of Double Skin Treatment?

  The cost to treat a double chin varies from person to person and depends upon the amount of fat to remove and any skin laxity that we need to fix and can range anywhere from $2000-$5000.

What is the cheapest double chin treatment option?

There are some fat dissolvers such as Lipo dissolve that are effective and cost-effective at removing fat from under the chin.  Cryo-sculpting or fat freezing which can also help remove the fat from under the chin, these treatments are only good though if the client is younger and has good skin elasticity so the skin can bounce back once the fat has been removed. If the client doesn’t have good skin laxity there needs to be skin strengthening and tightening treatments done in combination.  

What’s the best nonsurgical treatment for double chin?

Again this needs to be assessed per person and can depend on many factors, so there is not a best nonsurgical treatment often we get the best results when we use things in combination rather than one modality.  

Does double chin treatment cause side effects?

  Depending upon what treatment you chose their can be side effects. When using any of the fat dissolving injections there can be swelling. This swelling can be quite substantial so scarves and skivvy’s can be handy. With any of the treatments there is a risk that some of the surrounding tissue can also be destroyed . This is why its important to go to experienced professionals. Skin laxity post treatment can also be an issue which again is why its important to go to someone who can manage this.  

HIFU Double Chin Treatment

  The great advantage of treating double chins with HIFU is it can also help tighten the skin. Using high focused ultrasound at different depths we can target which part of the tissue we wish to target . The lower depths will help tighten the skin and facia whereas the higher depths will destroy fat cells. This is a great way to finish off treatments that have been done with fat freezing or fat reducing injections     

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