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The Best Anti-Aging Treatments Leading into 2022

We all want to know what the best anti-aging treatments are going to be for the year ahead. The staple treatments such as Botox and fillers are still the gold standard away when it comes to anti-aging treatments and looking natural. Keeping up with good skin care and skin treatments such as skin needling, laser and radiofrequency gives you better results from your injectable treatments and keeps skin texture in check. They were always new types of skincare coming onto the market but your basic ABCs of skincare care are Vitamin A, Vitamin B and vitamin C serums, which are still the best performing skincare you can have. My favorite treatment from 2021 is definitely skin needling I was never a fan of skin needling due to the long downtime and the pain associated with it, but now with the amazing guns that they have (similar to tattoo guns) it’s pretty much painless. Even for me, who goes the color of a tomato when I get my eyebrows waxed, my skin is only red for the rest of the day.  The results on the texture of the skin are amazing.

How Have Anti-Aging Treatments Changed?

I think the way anti-aging treatments have changed over the last few years is that we are now better at giving more natural results.  Years ago, we were seeing many chipmunks walking around, and we realized that if we filled the cheeks, the jowls looked better. The problem was if people had too much filler in their cheeks they looked ridiculous and you could barely see their eyes. As they say, the eyes are the window to the soul and that’s what we look at when we talk to someone, so we never want to make that area look worse. This has led to an increase in people happy to use fillers in their faces. Prior to this, there was this great fear they were going to look fake, now people are seeing this more natural result and they are more willing to use them. The techniques we are using are better and we have more choice in the properties of the different fillers so we can choose the best filler for the area.  We have also seen a change where people are happy to go on a journey and have a plan that may even be over a few years and again, this is meant for more natural-looking results.

The Best Anti-Aging Body Treatments

Bodies are obviously hard to treat due to their size. The treatment we think that works best on our bodies, that we have available to us at the moment is fat freezing. If you have an area of fat that you just can’t budge, regardless of diet and exercise, this is the treatment for you. It’s an easy treatment and effective. If you have crinkly elbows or crinkly knees, PDO threads have been quite effective in strengthening the skin and making these less noticeable. Unfortunately, we still haven’t got a solution for tuckshop lady arms but I have a feeling something won’t be far away.

The Best Anti-Aging Facial Treatment for the Face

Although it’s been around a long time you still can’t go past injectable wrinkle treatments such as Botox, Dysport and Xenomin as the easy effective freshener for the face. It’s relatively painless, quick, and has very few side effects. It doesn’t react with any other medication and is extremely safe. You can even come in on your lunch break to have it done and walk out looking like you’ve had nothing done. As long as it’s placed well, in the right dose, you get a very natural result where people just think you’ve been on holidays or are well-rested. Within 10 days of having a treatment you look refreshed, less tired, and smoother. It is also quite affordable  One of the exciting things that are hopefully launching in 2022 is a new toxin that will last twice as long. This is fantastic for those who are time-poor.

As far as the skin treatments, as I said above, needling has been my favorite for 2021. At Jeune Ascot Vale we have now got a radiofrequency needling machine which gives you the benefit of radiofrequency skin tightening along with the collagen formation you get from Needling.  it’s a two in one treatment and is my go-to treatment in 2022 for my clients. PDO threads have advanced in the last 12 months with the results improving as the techniques we use also improve  I can see this being extremely popular in 2022. I have also heard on the grapevine, we may see some products coming out in the next few years that can help stimulate elastin in the skin. Something we are missing in our toolbox of youth so stay tuned for more in 2023!

Best Anti-Aging Hand Treatment

Hands have always been a difficult area to treat and I feel that there is no best hand treatment and you need a combination of things to improve the hands. Not forgetting to put your sunscreen on the back of your hands is the first step. If the hands lack volume we can add filler and plump them back up. If the skin is starting to look crepey and thin, we can use radiofrequency skin needling to thicken up the skin. If the hands look dry and parched, we can add some skin boosters which is a bit like injecting moisturizer under the skin. For the top layer, if they have lots of sunspots, which is common on the hands as they are often exposed, we can use IPL to remove it. Using a combination of all of these we can get a great result and have much more youthful hands.

Want to try anti-aging treatments? If you’d like to try any of these, book an anti-aging treatment or discuss any treatment, call us on 9370 1997 and book a consultation. We can even do a personalized anti-aging plan tailored to you and your needs.

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