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What are the Best Ways of Getting Rid of Stubborn Fat?

We all know the best way to get rid of fat is through diet and exercise but unfortunately, we often have some areas on our bodies that just don’t seem to want to budge. Whether it be love handles, tuck shop lady arms, bellies or even a double chin, sometimes these areas just don’t want to go, no matter how good our exercise and diet routine are. We are lucky enough now that there are numerous treatments we can use to help get rid of stubborn fat once and for all.

Our Different Treatments to Get Rid of Stubborn Fat

Fat freezing is one of the most popular services when treating stubborn fat, we also have fat dissolving injections, where there is Hypoxi which works specifically on helping burn fat from the waist down. We also have cavitation that can help with more superficial fat, such as cellulite. Recently we have also added HIFU which can help tighten the skin as it removes the fat.

Fat cells are only formed three times in life. As a baby, as a child, and in adolescence. The body shape you have at around 21 years of age is the shape you’ll always be unless you have a treatment to redistribute fat cells. It is not to say you won’t put on or lose weight but what your body does, is it fills up or shrinks down the fat cells you already have, we don’t make new ones. So to change your shape you need to remove fat cells from a particular area. Sometimes when people have liposuction, they may also be placed in areas that are lacking in fat cells such as a flat bottom or small breasts.

So what are these different treatments that are available?.

Below I will outline all the different treatments that we have mentioned and how they work.

Fat Freezing

Fat freezing as it is commonly known is medically known as cryo-lipolysis. This is the destruction of fat cells due to freezing them. 

How Does Fat Freezing Work?

We know if we cool fat down to -10° for approximately 50 minutes, we can reduce the number of fat cells in the area by 20%, on average. It takes a little bit of time for the cells that have died to be reabsorbed, so we say the final results can take three months.

Ultrasound Fat Reduction

Ultrasound fat reduction uses high-frequency ultrasound to penetrate the skin and destroy fat cells. 

Where Does Ultrasound Fat Reduction Work?

This can be quite focused on a particular area and it’s great for smaller areas but can also be used on large areas. The advantage of this treatment is that it can tighten the skin as it removes the fat.

The Hypoxi Bodyshaping Bike

Hypoxi Bodyshaping Bike is an exercise bike that uses positive and negative pressure to put your body into a fat-burning mode while you are cycling. It’s a very scientific way to help get the most out of your exercise routine. Our founder Melissa loves this treatment and it’s been the best thing so far that has worked on her cellulite.

More Treatments to Get Rid of Stubborn Fat


Cavitation is another form of ultrasound but uses ultrasound waves to stimulate the fat cells to bang into each other and destroy the cell wall causing the cell to die.

Fat Reduction Injections

Fat reduction injections use an enzyme such as the one found in our liver that breaks down fat cells in our gut. This enzyme will break down the fat cell.

Sometimes we use one of these treatments in combination depending on the area and result required.

Body Wraps and Lymphatic Draining Massage

Body wraps and lymphatic drainage massage treatments don’t remove fat cells as such, but they can assist in removing excess fluid and toxins from the area making the skin look smoother and fat cells less noticeable. They can also assist with removing the dead fat cells after your treatments

The Best Treatment for Stubborn Belly Fat

Depending on the amount of fat on your stomach, we would start off with fat freezing to remove the majority of the fat. We would combine this with a hypoxia bike to help shrink the fat cells we already have an effect on.  A lymphatic massage helps remove the fat cells that have died due to the fat freezing faster. We would finish off by removing the superficial fat and tightening the skin with HIFU.

The Best Treatments for Stubborn Arm Fat

Depending on the amount of fat, we may start with fat freezing as this is a difficult area to be able to get a good result. It would probably be best to go straight to HIFU for this area as often there is also loose skin tissue contributing to the problem. Then tightening as well as fat removal will be important in this area. 

The Best Treatment for Stubborn Back Fat

There is nothing worse than that roll of fat under our bra strap stopping us from having a smooth line. For this area, we would definitely start with fat freezing to remove the bulk of the fat. Once we have completed the fat freezing and reduced the bulk of the fat, we would continue with HIFU to help remove the rest and tighten the skin.

The Best Treatment for Stubborn Inner Thigh Fat

To begin with stubborn inner thigh fat we would want to make an assessment as to the thickness of the fat and how much loose tissue there is. If there’s a lot in the area like the areas above, the three prong approach is often the best way of starting, with fat freezing of the bulk of the fat, moving to HIFU to reduce the rest and tighten the skin, continuing with a Hypoxi bike to help treat any cellulite and also help reduce the size of the fat cells that are left. The lymphatic drainage will help also removing the fat cells that we have killed and gives you a faster result.

The best treatments for a double chin

The most popular treatment for a double chin is the fat reducing injections. Once these have been done, the bulk of the work is over and we can help tighten with HIFU.

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