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How to Get Rid of my Forehead Lines

One of the most common treatments we do at our clinic is the treatment of forehead lines. In this blog, I will go through what causes forehead lines and what is the best treatment available. Including how to get rid of deep forehead lines.

Types of Forehead Lines and What Causes Them

Firstly when we are talking about forehead lines, there are categories of lines on the forehead.

Horizontal Forehead Lines

These are caused by raising your eyebrows. Sometimes we raise our eyebrows to be expressive. The other reason we may raise eyebrows is that our eyelids are becoming heavy, and we raise our eyebrows to lift our brows to open our eyes more. As humans, when we speak to each other we often look at the other person’s eyes. As people say, the eyes are the window to the soul, so we want them to look as attractive and open as possible.

Vertical Forehead Lines

These are most commonly between the eyebrows and can be caused by the sun is in your eyes, frowning, when concentrating, angry, or just in general expressions and often thought of as angry lines. The other vertical lines that are often further out on the forehead are mainly caused by the way you sleep. The way your face is pushed into the pillow. Side sleepers and people who sleep on their stomachs will often show these lines.

How do I Get Rid of My Forehead Wrinkles?

Unfortunately, each of the above types of wrinkles will need different treatments. With all the wrinkles, not just forehead lines, the better condition your skin is the less likely the wrinkle is to form or get deeper, therefore any sort of dermal therapies such as laser treatment, skin needling, peels, Microdermabrasion, and of course good quality active skincare can help slow down the progression of the lines and makes treatment more effective.

Anti Wrinkle Injections for Horizontal Forehead Wrinkles

I’ll start the treatment for the horizontal forehead lines. Those caused by repetitive expression are quite easy to treat and just require some anti-wrinkle injection to stop the expression and the line will gradually fade out over time.

Dermal Fillers for Stubborn Wrinkles

When we have these lines due to the eyelid sagging it is much more complicated and difficult to treat with anti-wrinkle injection. We must be very careful as if we prevent the movement, we will not be able to counteract the sagging and can even make it look worse and many people don’t like this look. Sometimes it’s a trade-off between softening the wrinkles but not dropping the eyelid any further. In the case of the eyelids being very saggy, we may recommend cutting a fringe or eyelid surgery and dermal therapies to strengthen the skin. If there is a lack of volume, we can sometimes use dermal fillers.

Treatment for Vertical Forehead Lines

In the treatment for the vertical frown lines, we have similar problems. The “angry line” due to repetitive movement is again easily treated with some anti-wrinkle injection, even treating a deep frown line we can get good results just with anti-wrinkle. The bonus of doing anti-wrinkle in these lines is these muscles pull the eyebrows down and often relaxing them gives a nice eyebrow lift. 

The vertical frown lines are those vertical lines not caused by frowning and are mostly caused by sleeping. No matter how much antiwrinkle you put in it will not help these as they are not caused by a muscle contraction. The only way to treat these lines is with dermal fillers and skin-strengthening with dermal therapies. There are many vessels in the forehead that leads directly to the back of the eye. So injecting filler into one of these vessels has a very slight chance of leading to loss of vision. So it is extremely important to see an experienced and recommended practitioner for treating this area.

So, I hope this is given you a breakdown of the different lines that can form on the forehead and what the best solutions for your forehead wrinkles are. Please book an appointment for a consultation if we can assist you further.

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