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What Causes Cellulite and How Do You Treat It?


Causes and treatment of cellulite on different body parts

Cellulite is the bane of most women’s lives. Although cellulite is a common and harmless skin condition, most women would prefer it was not there.

It commonly appears on the thighs, hips, buttocks and abdomen as lumpy dimples in the flesh. We cannot remove it completely, however, we do have some treatments that can greatly improve its appearance. But before we treat it, I’d like to explain more about how cellulite is formed. 

What is cellulite and how is it formed?

Little is known about what causes cellulite, but we do know that it involves fibrous cords that adhere to the skin and down onto the underlying muscle. 

Fat lies between these cords, and as the fat cells accumulate, they push up against your skin with the long cord pulling downwards, which causes this dimpled appearance

Cellulite is more common in women than men. In fact, most women will have some cellulite after puberty. Weight gain can often make the cellulite appear worse but even slim fit people can still have cellulite.

Cellulite also becomes more obvious as we age, and the skin loses its elasticity which causes the fat to bulge out more. 

Genetics seems to play the biggest role in whether we develop cellulite or not and to what extent it will appear.

Below, I list the best treatment options for each area that may develop cellulite.



Best treatment for cellulite on the Thighs

The thighs are probably the most common area that women will have cellulite, in particular the upper thigh just under the buttocks.

Having toned legs will reduce the appearance of the cellulite but may not remove it.  Our body sculpting bike at Jeune is fantastic at treating this area. 

Doing exercise under pressure appears to reduce the fat in this area and therefore the appearance of the cellulite. 

Having a build-up of fluid and toxins in the area can also make cellulite appear worse, and to treat this we have our body wraps which pull toxins and water out of the tissue. Add to this our lymphatic drainage massage suit, which can also help by pumping the fluid away and help the lymphatic system filter these toxins that make cellulite appear worse.


Best treatment for cellulite on the Stomach

Cellulite on the belly can affect both men and women and tends to be more related to weight gain. If you carry fat around your abdomen, you are more likely to have cellulite in this area. 

Exercise along with fat reduction is the best way to reduce the cellulite in this area.

Targeted fat reduction can be done in the stomach area with cryolipolysis, or as it is more commonly known fat freezing. This will reduce the number of fat cells permanently in the area. 

Again our body sculpting bike can assist with this as it targets fat from the waist down.

Some people also have loose skin in this area which can make the cellulite appear worse, especially after pregnancy. Radiofrequency skin tightening treatments can be beneficial for tightening up the skin in this area.


Best treatment for cellulite on your Bum

Bottoms have become all the rage and a big round booty is now considered the ultimate.

Many people are getting Brazilian butt-lifts removing fat from one area of their body and placing it in their bottom. With bottoms in such high esteem, we want our booty to look good and cellulite is an obvious concern for many women.

The best treatments for cellulite on your rear end are the body sculpting bike and radiofrequency skin tightening, combined with ultrasound. This combination of treatments will reduce the surface fat in the area and tighten the skin without reducing the deep fat which we want to keep for a nice round booty.

These are the three main areas we get asked about regarding cellulite reduction. 

You can get cellulite on other areas of the body, but it is less common and tends to be related to weight gain and loose skin.

 Like most things, we find that a combination of treatments will always work best. 

Combining exercise, such as our body sculpting bike which will target fat areas, lymphatic drainage and toxin removal, alongside ultrasound and radiofrequency skin tightening to tighten the skin around the area of concern will help. 

With all these treatments available to you at Jeune, you will be showing off your smooth bikini body in no time.

Find out more by contacting us and booking in a consultation!

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