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Having a glowing skin is an aspect of physical beauty which everyone desires. People adore the supple skin and justifiably so. However, this glamorous avatar soon starts fading away with the onset of oldage. With increasing age, we witness a gradual decrease in the elasticity of the skin. It starts getting an uneven tone with problems of pigmentation and worse, it starts getting wrinkled. Crow’s feet become an everyday reality and along with the pearls of your mouth, you come across lines which cover the skin you were born in, and that too, in an unappealing way. In situations such as these, we, at Jeune, Melbourne provide you with quick fix solutions in the form of injectable wrinkle treatments. Here is a run-down on whatever you have always been wanting to know about the treatment Wrinkle Injection Treatment in Melbourne.

What Exactly Would Be Done To My Skin?
The high-end products that we use would be injected into the affected muscles with the help of a very fine needle. The needle might make you feel a stinging sensation but that passes away quickly. Many of our clients have had feelings of snow-bites and numbness as soon as the muscles are injected. However, this can be taken care of with just a little bit of pressure application and a few creams specifically designed for the purpose.

Are There Any Side-effects?
The treatment has been around for quite some time and all we can say is that it hasn’t really led to any major side-effects. Mild swelling and soreness might take place around the treated area. Depending upon the sensitivity of your skin, you may develop redness and mild rashes. However, you may heave a sigh of relief as these are only transient. They do not cause any permanent damage or harm.

After How Long Can I Get Back To My Normal Life?
Right away! The injectable wrinkle treatment is known for its quick fix nature. As mentioned above, you may face some redness or sore skin but that passes away quickly, sometimes as fast as within thirty minutes. Our skin specialists advice against immediate exercise for a few days. Also, facials and massages need to be avoided for a week or so. In addition to that, you may consider having a mineral make-up for some time so as to prevent your skin from any potential damage. You may get back to your daily chores and activities immediately. All you need to keep in mind are a few basic precautions and voila! In no time, you’ll be getting all the words of praise!

What Else Can This Treatment Do?
The injectable wrinkle treatment has multiple benefits. Since the product is injected into the muscle, it can be used in a particular way to deal with muscle-related issues. In some cases, this treatment can be used to tackle with nerve-wrenching migraines as well as uncomfortable eye twitches. One might not be aware of its versatility but this treatment can be used to contain the problem of excessive sweating as well as muscle spams.

Why Choose Us?
The gravity of this treatment needs to be kept in mind before selecting your specialist. Your skin would be subjected to needles and it requires great precision and experience. We, at Jeune, have an experience of more than a decade and use high quality products, all of which are qualified and tested by leading agencies. We offer customised treatment to our clients, depending upon their skin type and their special needs and requirements. We have dedicated nurses who are going to take care of your treatment personally, so you may rest assured about the safety of your skin.

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