Dermal Fillers Melbourne

Ageing skin brings with it wrinkles and fine lines. Your skin loses its plumpness and saggy skin appears as the youthful skin starts to fade. We’ve always underestimated what our lips contribute to how we look! But well, once your lips lose the plump effect, you’d know exactly the wonders it is doing for your face. For problems like these, you’ve got dermal lip fillers that treat your skin effectively by sculpting it to your choice. Now comes the surprise, it’s not just lip fillers, you can also get your skin folds on the face treated with dermal fillers melbourne. The effect of these fillers last from 8 – 12 months.

What does the treatment involve?

Dermal lip fillers are injectable cosmetic fillers that are injected into the skin with very fine needles. It is not too painful and hence anaesthesia is only the last resort to numb the area while for most ice suffices as the numbing agent. However, to remain safe and make the treatment pain free, many people use a numbing cream before administering the treatment.

What will I look like?

What’s the best part about dermal fillers? You’d see results immediately! While you may have certain amount of redness and swelling immediately after the treatment, depending on the area of treatment and the doses of product used as a dermal filler. While swelling up to a week is normal, you might want to treat it applying ice packs to let the swelling settle and to rejoice in your fresh and plump skin that nature did not quite want to let you keep.

Is it safe?

While very few people are allergic to medically approved dermal fillers melbourne as the prime ingredient is that which is already found in our skin, dermal lip fillers are not permanent skin lifting techniques. They break down on exposure to carbon dioxide and water and the effect, thus, starts to fade. Certain side effects though are common which include continual tenderness and bruising in the treatment area. If you’d be trusting a reputed dermal practitioner, they’d sure help you prevent any bruising or other side effects too. People may also develop cold sores in the treatment area, so you’d rather prevent than cure. You must however ensure of the hygienic conditions during the treatment and make sure that the syringe is a sterile and disposable one to avoid infections. You can however be relaxed about the safety of the treatment as it has been common in Melbourne for over a decade with very few to none cases of permanent side effects or harm.

How much will it cost?

The cost is dependent on the quantity of product required to achieve your desired result. Since dermal fillers come in a prescribed dose pre-filled syringe, you can be assured of the quality delivered for the price you pay. You may visit your practitioner and approximate a budget for the treatment.

How often will I require the treatment?

While the effect of the treatment may last upto a year for a few people, it may start to fade in as close as three months for others. A normal time cycle for the treatment varies from four to twelve months. The time that you retain the effect of the treatment also depends on the facial part you’ve got the treatment done on. While lips and areas around the mouth require more frequent re-treatments, treatments around the cheeks and forehead can last much longer.

How long does it take?

Depending on the dosage of the product and whether or not do you require local anaesthesia, the treatment usually takes around half an hour or slightly more to complete.

How will the area look when the product is gone?

The product will not be gone all at once. It will fade away gradually and hence you’d return only to your original condition of your skin. No better, No worse.

Why should you opt for dermal fillers in melbourne?

Who doesn’t like plump and radiant skin that looks ever youthful? Dermal fillers can help you achieve prolonged results in little to no time. So, it’s time to say bye to wrinkles and fine lines.

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