Ageing Skin

As our skin ages it starts to lose elasticity, become more pigmented, become thinner, we can develop broken capillaries and the skin starts to look lackluster

We can’t turn back the clock but we can slow down the aging process, and reduce some of the signs of aging with skincare and laser treatments

Below are some of our non injectable suggested treatments for aging skin

IPL photorejuvenation – removes brown spots and broken capillaries, stimulates collagen

PEELS and microdermabrasion – when we are young our skin cell turnover is around 28 days once we hit forty it is more like 45 days. This means the production of collagen and elastin also slows down. Peels and microdermabrasion once a mont can make the skin look fresh but also stimulate collagen and elastin

Rf SKIN TIGHTENING – helps tightn the skin giving a more plumped appearance

Skin needling/ fractionated laser – work by giving a controlled injury to the skin, the result is ticker plumper skin thus less fine lines and wrinkling


SUNSCREEN, SUNSCREEN, Sunscreen is our most important antiaging ingredients

DR ASPECT STARTER KIT – $110 (Deep Cleanser, Active C, Exfol A, Resveratrol Moisturiser)
Deep Clean Cleanser – contains AHA lactic acid, and five botanical extracts to safely exfoliate dead skin cells and stimulate cell renewal for smoother, softer and less wrinkled looking skin.
Aspect Active C – powerful antioxidant, lightener and brightener, stimulates collagen
Exfol A Plus Serum – Lactic acid based so exfoliates without drying out. Combined with Vitamin A the gold standard in anti aging The goal is to slowly build up COSMEDIX > Define > Defy > Refine Plus.
CosMedix Affirm – supercharged peptide and antioxidant firming serum to help correct and repair aged, impaired skin and/or photo damaged skin.
Vitamin B 17 – designed to supercharge your regime and give you the B glow
CosMedix Eye Genius – tackles three stubborn issues, dark circles, puffiness, and fine lines.
CosMedix Opti Crystal – super hydrating eye serum to assist with the obvious signs of ageing; fine lines, dehydration and masking of dark circles. Can also be apply to lips.
Resveratrol Moisturiser – strengthens skin barrier, drastically increases hydration.

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